(last update: 20.07.2020)

Hunt in Corona times? Is that even possible? Many countries currently have strict entry requirements. How are these currently set and what will it look like in the near future? We checked the situation for you and summarized it here:

In general, it can be said that after a few weeks of lockdown, light now appears on the horizon. Crossing the border is already possible in certain countries. The first states will fully open their borders to their neighboring countries in the next few days. Air traffic is only slowly picking up again. It can be assumed that if there is a further positive trend, unrestricted travel will again be possible in large parts of Europe at the end of July.


There are no more border controls. Despite slowly rising Corona infection numbers, we are not expecting strikter rules for the moment. You are allowed to travel to Germany from nearly every EU-country. Exceptions in Europe are currently only for the Balkan countries. A travel warning applies to them (does not include Croatia).Even flying to Germany is more and more possible. So hunting trips to Germany are possible without any restrictions. 


Any resident of an Austrian neighboring country and also third states can enter Austria without any problems. It can be assumed that more than 50% of destinations will fly to Vienna in summer again. Upon presentation of a tourist booking, including a hunting trip, there is sufficient reason to enter. On the airport there are free voluntary Corona-tests available for everyone. The trip to Croatia via Slovenia is possible for touristic and hunting reasons.

(Photo: Path of Hunt)


The entry to Croatia is possible for tourist reasons, so also with the intention to take a hunting break. The only thing you have to show is a booking confirmation. Inland traffic through Slovenia is possible. Even though the number of infections has been slowly increasing again, there are no problems, especially in the coastal regions, and tourism is still desired and wanted! Most airports welcome flights from most european countries.


Romania is still quite strict. There are still border controls. A 14-day quarantine is only mandatory for travelers who come from a risk area or from a third country, outside EU. Air traffic from safe countries is slowly picking up again. Since June 5th, residents of the neighboring country Hungary need no more submission of a corona test. For residents from other countries, entry is possible upon presentation of a negative test and a booking confirmation, for example for tourist reasons. Unfortunately, the Corona numbers are steadily increasing again and it is quite possible that stricter rules will be implemented again. In addition, as a Romanian tourist in most countries you need to do a compulsory 14-day quarantine.
The roe deer rut is therefore not recommended from our side  but we hope that the situation improveds until red deer rut.

(Photo: HuntinginRomania)


Since June 5th, residents of a neighboring country to Hungary don´t have any entry restrictions and no compulsory submission of a corona test. Meanwhile this counts also for every other EU-state. For residents from other countries, entry is possible upon presentation of a negative test and a booking confirmation, for example for tourist reasons. 
Exceptions apply to travellers from countries such as the Balkan states, where the number of infections is currently rising. Residents of these countries are not allowed to enter. There is no obligation to quarantine 14 days after entry.  The roe deer and red deer rut in Hungary is therefore guaranteed for all hunting lovers. Air travelling slowly starts again.

(Photo: go HUNting)


Poland has finally followed the others. All EU citizens can enter Poland without any problems. There are only random border controls, where the main focus is on corona symptoms. You no longer have to be in quarantine after entering the country. Just citizens from a thirdstate are currently not allowed to enter Poland. Air traffic is slowly starting again.

(Photo: Polesie Hunting)


Spain had the strictest regulations in Europe. Because of the spread of the virus, the country was one of the last ones, which was opening for foreigners. Since June 21st it is possible to enter spain again for EU  and other european citizens with exception of Balkan countries. There is no obligation for a 14 days quarantine anymore. These improvements bring a save summer hunting season in spain! A 14 day quarantine is not required any more. Therefore a safe summer hunting season can be expected in Spain.

(Photo: Cazasport)


The borders are blocked for both entry and exit. Russia is one of the countries where the peak of the corona virus was reached relatively late. For other nationals it is actually not possible to enter the country. Travel between regions is also restricted also. The spring hunting season has stopped anyway. A relaxation of the entry measures is not expected until fall. So one can assume that the fall season will be possible!

(Photo: Navihunt)


Since June 21 it is possible to travel between US and Canada again.  Some of the provinces have their own measures. These include the popular hunting areas Quebeck, Northwest Territory and Yucon. In rural areas, however, new regulations regarding closer contact between people are being worked on. Furthermore, international air traffic is slowly resuming at 4 airports. However, entry for tourist reasons is not yet possible. It can therefore be assumed that hunting trips will be possible again in the late summer.


The United States is still heavily affected by the Covid19 virus. For tourist reasons, there is still no entry permit. The spring hunting season was canceled entirely. Since the USA is known for its liberal course in terms of measures, it can be assumed that the autumn hunt will be possible. American outfitters are currently also assuring their customers that offers in autumn can be booked without any problems. Outfitter are also generous when it comes to postponing their booking.

(Photo: TSH)


The hunting season in Africa is lucky because it goes late into the year. The outfitters are extremely accommodating when it comes to postponing the later hunting season. Africa is not so badly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. So Tanzania already has its borders completely open for any kind of tourism. The opposite is Cameroon. It completely blocked the 2020 hunting season. In South Africa there has only recently been an increase in the number of infected people. So free tourism is not to be expected here anytime soon. In any case, the African hunting providers are convinced that the later hunting season will be possible.

New Zealand / Australia:

New Zealand's borders are definitely closed until the end of July. The providers are already planning for the 21/22 season, as the later calendar year has few open times for hunting. However, there are some packages that can be booked until October. In any case, these should be bookable. The same applies to Australia. Wild boar hunts can be booked until December, buffaloes until October, so these two game species should be hunted with the entry requirements. Tourism is positive that the pandemic in Australia and New Zealand has recently seen a very sharp decline.


All in all, it can be said that most countries are a lot more positive about the future than two months ago. Tourism is a major source of income for many countries and undoubtedly that includes hunting trips. We hunters can look forward to an exciting but also relaxing late summer and autumn!