Whitetail Deer

Whitetail Deer, plus boar day or night, or turkey, with or without fishing

Location: United States of America / Mississippi

from: ShawnO

Ending: 21. August 2022

Exchange for: Fallow Deer, Roe Deer, Moose, I am open for proposals

My preferred countries: Europe , Australia / Oceania , Asia

Hunting season: 15. October 2022 bis 15. February 2023

Seasons: Bow season starts Oct. 15 and runs until Feb 15. every year. You may use any kind of bow or crossbow. Rifle season starts Nov. 21, 2020 and runs u... ..more offer details



Bow season starts Oct. 15 and runs until Feb 15. every year. You may use any kind of bow or crossbow. Rifle season starts Nov. 21, 2020 and runs until Feb. 15. In future years it starts the Saturday before the last Thursday in November, but always runs until Feb. 15. You may take 3 mature males (antler restrictions apply) and 2 females.

Hunting information:

You can hunt boar along with deer or at night with night vision (we have night vision scopes) or under the moon. For deer you can sit in tree stands, ground blinds, or stalk, although tree stands and blinds are the most successful, as our woods are thick. We hunt in swamps a lot, or on planted areas with or without feeders. We only kill mature animals, so you can expect to take good representative trophies. The average mature whitetail will have at least 8 points (4 on each side). We have taken deer with as many at 12 points, and 20 inches wide. The photos accompanying this ad were taken here and are average for this area.

We can take you fishing in the Gulf of Mexico or inland fisheries, depending on the timing of your arrival. Turkey hunting is in the spring only. I can look for other things in the area if they are in season, such as alligator, quail, pheasant, waterfowl, etc. I am not sure what I can get at little to no cost, so I may have to pull some strings or some things may cost a little bit, but I can certainly try. I recommend spending as much time as possible hunting deer or turkey until you are successful, and then filling the rest of your schedule with other things if you want. We can also schedule a trip to New Orleans where you can visit the French Quarter, listen to some jazz music, and sample some real Cajun food and some excellent bourbon.

If you miss any animal, keep on hunting. If you wound an animal, or think you hit it, we will call in a free local service that uses dogs to locate wounded deer (they will not track boar, since the boar will gore the dogs). The dog handlers ask for a small monetary donation to help pay for their fuel and dog food, but they are very good at recovering dead and wounded deer that hunters would otherwise never recover. If the deer is still alive, the dogs will usually kill it or hold it until you can get to it and shoot it. You will still be able to continue hunting whether the animal is recovered or not. Accidents happen, and you can't travel half way around the world to have your hunt ruined over one mistake.

After the hunt:

You and I will skin and clean your animals together. You can keep the meat, have it processed locally and have whatever portion you want sent to you, donate it to a local food bank, or leave it with us. The same thing goes with your trophies. There is a good local taxidermist who can clean your skulls, do a full shoulder mount, or we can help you boil the skulls here and you can take them home with you. It is all up to you! You will hunt and be treated as a friend, not a client. We don't sell hunts. This is a private hunting club.


Right now you would need to stay in a local hotel, which is very nice and about 15 minutes from my home, which is in the middle of the hunting area. We can eat at my home or at local restaurants to sample the local cuisine - down home Southern cooking and Cajun cuisine.

This is what I want in trade:

I am looking to hunt fallow, roe bucks, red stag, European elk (moose), sika deer, muntjac, CWD, reindeer/caribou, mouflon, or basically any antlered or horned game. I only want males, bulls, stags, that are of good quality, and not females. They don't have to be medal animals, just good representative trophies for the species. That is what you will take here. We do not allow immature animals to be taken.

These are the conditions I desire:

I don't want to pay money (other than paying for some accommodations and travel) for the hunt, just as I don't want you to pay me anything to hunt. I want an even trade.

More information

Lodging: Hotel
Meals: coordination required
If first try is not successful: coordination required
Missed shot: can happen, doesn´t count
Wounding: can happen, doesn´t count
Trophies: cost for cleaning paid by shooter
Gun rental: Yes
Territory size: 1000 Acres / 405 ha
Type of territory: Free range
erforderliche Dokumente: Hunting license, Firearm permission
Hunting methods: High seat, Stalking, Baiting, Bow hunt, Other, Rifle hunt
Vension: can be taken for free
Yearly bag of the offered game: 3 bucks/2does unlimited boar, 2 turkeys Animals
Estimated probability of success: 90 %
Shooting distances: From 25 Yards bis 150 Yards
Recommended caliber: Big game calibers - .243, .270, .308, .30-06, etc.

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Overall impression: -
Views / Game density: -
The hunt was as described from the provider: -
Lodging / Meals: -
Recommendation: -

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