Hunting is our passion and we want to share this passion with you.

Having been hunters ourselves since childhood, we have fulfilled our dream with HunterMeetsHunter: to break the boundaries of hunting!

HunterMeetsHunter connects hunting and wildlife enthusiasts worldwide. On our barter and purchase platform you will find whatever you are looking for: starting from a mere roebuck in a neighbouring hunting ground to the exciting rut of the stags in New Zealand or even a safari in the stunning wilderness of Africa – with us, you can not only book hunting trips, but also advertise yourself and even barter. Quick, uncomplicated and free of charge!

With HunterMeetsHunter  there are no registration fees, no membership fees and there are no hidden costs: Advertising and bartering are free of charge,  there is only a small service charge for the vendor  in case of a sale. The payment takes place directly between the hunter and the provider of the hunt without exception.

The varied mix of advertisements for professional and private organisers guarantees the best price and our rating and verification tools ensure the highest quality of offers.

Convince yourself! Get infected by the hunting fever, exchange a driven hunt for a stalk or simply get to know other hunting and wildlife enthusiasts.

HunterMeetsHunter is looking forward to hearing from you!