Stalking big game trophies

Location: Spain / Valencia

from: Hunting Adventure

Hunting season: 01. May 2019 - 31. January 2020


Stalking Big Game Trophies near to the beach ! Private Estate close to Valencia (close to the beach) Our hunting ground belongs exclusive to Hunting Adventu... ..more offer details


Stalking Big Game Trophies near to the beach !

Private Estate close to Valencia (close to the beach)
Our hunting ground belongs exclusive to Hunting Adventure and we offer
our guests to stalk on red stag, roe buck, mouflon, fallow stag and wild boar.
This Estate has both an open and a closed area and you can hunt beautiful
trophies here. Success guaranteed !
You can stay in a nice hotel nearby or in our beautiful lodge on the Estate
Hunting day: 450 €

- 4x4 transfer during the hunt.
- Two outings/day (morning and evening).
- 1 Hunting guide during the hunt.

Not included:
- Accommodation and meals.
- Shooting by price list below.
- Alcoholic drinks outside the meals.
- Hunting permit and insurance.
- Gun rental.
- Any service not specified before.

Roe buck
Prices in Spain are more expensive than in the rest of Europe, but
these roe buck trophies are really huge ! Also you are stalking in a
high-level area near to the beach. On top, in this region there aren’t
other areas for roebuck.
For all this is a very very exclusive hunt !
Roe buck :
Up to Bronze medal 2130 €
Silver medal 2745 €
Gold medal 3695 €

Please note that these roe buck trophies weigh minimum 450 grams and more!
Totally not comparable with other European roe buck trophies as in
Poland for example.

Keiler :
Representative 3025 €
Bronze & Silver 3920 €
Gold 4500 €

Iberian mouflon :
Bronze 4150 €
Silver 5380 €
Gold up to 210 CIC 7055 €
Extra point over 210 CIC: 160 €

Red – and fallow stag :
Representative up to Bronze 4595 €
Silver 5825 €
Gold 7055 €
Gold up to 199.9 CIC 8400 €
Gold up to 200 CIC (deleted telephone number) €
Each point over 200 CIC: 160 €
*fallow stag gold have no limit and have fix price 7055 €

Territory information:

Territory size: 5000 Hectare

Type of territory: Open (not fenced)/ Fenced

Area: Hilly, Mountains, Bush/Scrubland, Forrest

Languages: English ,

Hunting methods: Stalking

More information:

Hunting Adventure has a very extensive offer in this sunny hunting
We are specialized in VIP-monterias for small groups, but also we
personally guiding you by stalking a beautiful trophy or you can
choose for our hunting/holiday combo offers.
We are the unique company with tailor made trips for your hunting
Enjoy your travel with your family or friends and know the most
exclusive tourism in your hunting destination.
You can hunt with Hunting Adventure at the most exclusive
destinations in Spain, always with a high level organization and
success guaranteed !


Roe Deer

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Nearest Airport: Valencia Airport

Distance to next airport: -

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Shooting distances:

100 bis 300 Meter

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Deposit: Fixed price 1000€

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