Driven hunt in Slovakia - indivualist offer

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Location: Slovakia / Slovakia

from: Hunt in Slovakia

Hunting season: 01. October 2022 - 31. January 2023


Package price:


The group of shooters will be a maximum of 30 shooters each day. Only shooters hunt! Shooters have the opportunity to see a lot of game during the hunting day... ..more offer details


The group of shooters will be a maximum of 30 shooters each day. Only
shooters hunt! Shooters have the opportunity to see a lot of game during
the hunting day and the results themselves speak about it, as we hunt an
average of 25-35 pieces of game during one day. It happens that the daily
result is also 40 - 60 pieces of game, but the result is mainly influenced by
the quality of the shooters and the weather. During one year, we organize
only 1 driven hunt in one location, so there is enough game every day.
Approximately 20-30 beeters and at least 15 - 20 quality hunting dogs are
prepared for each hunting day. During one day we organize 3-4 long rounds
in which we hunt wildboars (male, female, piglets) and females & calfs of
red deers, fallow deers and mouflons. In some placesthere are no mouflons,
also in some places there are no red deers, but we adjust the hunting days
so that hunters have the opportunity to hunt all species of game for at least
in one day. The driven hunt lasts all day until dark.

On the day of arrival, the hunters will meet at the hotels, where rooms
and a gala dinner are ready for them. For hunters who arrive by
airplane, we will arrange transport from the airport to the hotel and
back. The mostsuitable alternative isthe airport in BUDAPEST or WIEN
(approx. 1,5 hours from hotel). Next 3 days are full driven hunt days.
Each hunting day begins early in the morning with breakfast at the
hotel (approx 5:45), then the hunters move by luxury bus to the
hunting place. The journey takes 15 to 60 minutes (depending on the
location where the hunt will take place). After each driven hunt day,
the hunters return by bus to the hotel (approx 19:00). On the last day
(5th) hunters leave hotel at the check out time (11:00).

-the group is composed of small groups or individualists - a
maximum of 30 shooters!
-shooter numbers are drawn before each round during the
-It is allowed to hunt: wildboars (males, females, piglets),
fallow deer (female&calf), red deer (female&calf), mouflon
(female&lamb), fox, jackall dog

Hunted game in 1 day by group, Price per 1 hunter (additional to package price)
0 – 4 p. of game: 100,00 €
5 – 9 p. of game: 150,00 €
10 – 14 p. of game: 250,00 €
15 – 19 p. of game: 300,00 €
20 – 24 p. of game: 360,00 €
25 – 29 p. of game: 420,00 €
30 – 34 p. of game: 470,00 €
35 – 39 p. of game: 530,00 €
40 and more p. of game: 590,00 €

Territory information:

Type of territory: Free Range

Area: Flat, Hilly, Mountains

Hunting methods: Driven hunt (slow), Driven hunt

The package deal includes:

Wild Boar

see offer description
No quantitative limit

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Daily rate and accommodation:

Facilities: Internet, TV, Bar , Full board

More information:

Hunters are accommodated during the driven hunt trip at one of our very high quality hunting hotels. Part of both our hotels is an excellent restaurant, wellness, but also a private common room with a fireplace, where hunters spend time together at the end of the hunting day. Both hotels have enough rooms available, so we can provide a single room for hunters. Both hotels are situated in a mountainous area. Each room has its own toilet and bathroom, as well as TV and WIFI connection. During your stay, it is possible to book a massage from professional masseurs at the hotels, but it is necessary not to report in advance. During the stay at the hotels, services such as arms cleaning, laundry and shoe shine are also available for a fee. It starts daily with a buffet breakfast at the hotel, and each hunter has a choice by the taste. During the day, hunters eat directly in the hunting place during breaks between rounds - after the first round, especially baked sausage from game, orsomething light, and coffee and tea are part of the snack. After the last round, hot soup (goulash soup, broth, etc.) is served directly in the hunting place, which is an important part during the winter months and includes local alcoholic beverages, beer and wine. At the end of the hunting ceremony, the hunters return to the hotel, where a big dinner is prepared for them in the late hours. Huntars has in disposition a hotel bar, where theycan order drinks of their choice. Quality Slovak draft beer and many types of Slovak and foreign wines are available.


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This offer applies for: 1 hunter(s) and 0 non hunting person(s)

Other costs:

Gun rental
Trophy preperation - tusk boiling
Trophy preperation - skinning
Single room
per hunting day

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Pick up service:
150 €

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Distance to railway station: -

Pick up service:

Trophy treatment:

Tusk boiling 40€, Skinning 80€

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Deposit: Fixed price 500€

Final payment: On site


Deposit will not be refunded but can be transferred to an other hunt

Included in the offer:

Last night celebration

NOT included in the offer:

Single room - 30€ per night

Drinks from the hotel bar

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