Roe Deer

Early bird package deal - 3 roebucks Silesia

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Location: Poland / Kup

from: Westfalia Jagdreisen

Hunting season: 22. May 2023 - 26. May 2023


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Only 6 places remaining! Included: 3 roebuck without trophy limit, accommodation & organization costs, processing fees The roe deer: The Poles are p... ..more offer details


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Only 6 places remaining!

Included: 3 roebuck without trophy limit, accommodation & organization costs, processing fees

The roe deer:
The Poles are particularly proud of their strict deer management. The shooting plan for the roe bucks stipulates that bucks of the second age group (at least 4 years old) are to be shot as a matter of priority.
On the one hand, this results in a good age structure and that mature bucks are preferably shot.

The estate:
In the heart of Silesia lies the Kup forestry office of the Katowice forest administration. Westfalia customers have been hunting in this hunting area for more than 20 years.
The area is about 15 km north of Oppole. With a huntable area of ​​over 24,000 hectares, it is one of the largest deer areas in the region. Today's
Forestry office was established in 1972. This arose from the merger of three smaller forestry offices in Kup (Kupp), Pokoj (Karlsruhe) and Popielow (Alt Popelau). The town of Karlsruhe was founded by the Prince of Württemberg around 1716. He had a hunting lodge built, of which unfortunately only the ruins remain today. A few words about the habitat Approx. 70% of the hunting area serves as a resting place for migratory birds and are designated as a Polish bird sanctuary. Occurring bird species are e.g. lesser spotted eagle, white-tailed eagle, black stork, kingfisher, grey-green woodpecker, etc. 50% of the forest area are wetland biotopes that are growing towards them 40% pine the remaining 10% are beech, oak and birch. The remaining 50% are mainly mixed forests of all ages as well as large fields, meadows and fallow land.
The mostly flat area has a well-developed network of paths and invites you to go stalking.

Territory information:

Territory size: 24000 Hectare

Type of territory: Free Range

Area: Hilly, Grassland, Forrest

Languages: English, German, Polish ,

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Roe Deer

Included in the price: 3 animal(s)

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