Chamois, Tahr

Tahr and Chamois combo!

Location: New Zealand / Grey District, West Coast, Neuseeland

from: Wilderness Quest New Zealand

Hunting season: 01. April 2021 - 01. April 2021


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Welcome to Wilderness Quest New Zealand You will find the finest of New Zealand trophy hunting located on the wild and beautiful West Coast of the South Island... ..more offer details


Welcome to Wilderness Quest New Zealand
You will find the finest of New Zealand trophy hunting located on the wild and beautiful West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand.

Tahr and Chamois combo!
Already have a Red Stag trophy? This combo is pure alpine hunting for Tahr and Chamois. Get ready for amazing views, exciting hunting and a true mountain Includes helicopter drop-off fees and 6 days (5 nights) daily rate.

The iconic outline of a mature bull tahr silhouetted on a high rocky bluff is not to be soon forgotten by the hunter as he toils closer with each step. The old bull stands high and proud as he surveys his alpine domain, the wind blowing through his long mane brings every scent from the steep slopes below.
Himalayan tahr are one of the most sought-after alpine trophies in the world, they are nimble and fleet of foot and prefer the mountainous rocky steep bluffs to easier terrain below.
Originally from the mountains of the Himalayas they adapted well to the Southern Alps of New Zealand and we now have the best huntable population of Tahr in the World.

The agile and graceful chamois was originally from Europe and is one of the more challenging of New Zealand's trophies to hunt successfully. Their keen eyes and nimble feet whisk them far away from danger at a moment's notice.
Chamois can be hunted all year round but during the rut is the best time when their lush dark winter coat is at its best. We hunt chamois from March through August and the rut is May/June. Chamois make a fine trophy and are a worthy game animal to pursue.

Visiting New Zealand is like stepping back in time. The pure rivers, stunning scenery, and the friendly, positive attitude of the people are all bonuses to our world-class hunting, fishing and sightseeing.
To us a quality hunt is not defined by a number in a record book or by getting an animal on the ground as quickly as possible. The journey we experience on each hunt is an adventure that is not to be forgotten, resulting in a fine trophy at the end of a "hunt of a lifetime"!
We know the time, effort and investment that each hunter has put into their hunting trip and we are committed to providing the best service and care possible. We do not claim to be the biggest outfitter in New Zealand, nor is that our aim. What we offer our clients is a personalized hunting experience in the privacy of their own hunting party and we cater to hunters from all ages; first time hunters, hunters with bows, muzzleloaders, crossbow and rifle. THIS IS YOUR HUNT!

Territory information:

Type of territory: Free Range

Area: High mountains

Languages: English ,

Hunting methods: Stalking

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Our tahr and chamois hunts are on foot and for our West Coast wilderness hunts we access our spike camp by helicopter. This allows us to hunt these magnificent animals in the beauty and serenity of their alpine home, undisturbed by the influences of man.

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Included in the price: 1 animal(s)

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Facilities: Internet, TV , Private bathroom , Full board

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We have an amazing team of chefs that will surprise you each day with some new tasty recipe. The fine meals that they prepare are truly exceptional and we get many requests for our Wilderness Quest Recipe Book. This is a work in progress! You can be confident that all your needs will be met during your hunt with us, our lodge accommodation is very comfortably appointed with self-contained kitchen and washing facilities, Satellite widescreen TV, high-speed wireless internet and phone service. We have had newlyweds spend their honeymoon here with us and combine this special occasion with some awesome hunting! For our West Coast wilderness hunts we access our spike camp by helicopter.


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Nearest Airport: Christchurch Airport

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Deposit: Fixed price 1000€

Final payment: At the time of booking, a $1,000 deposit is required to secure booking prices and hunt dates. An additional 25 % deposit is required 6 months after the time of booking and prior to your hunt. This 25% deposit can also be paid at the time of booking if preferred. The hunt is not booked until your deposit is received. The final Hunt Payment will be due at the completion of your hunt. For hunters that wish to postpone their hunt to a following year there is a $250 change fee that will be added to your hunt total. Changes within the same year will be made free-of-charge.


All deposits are non-refundable and hunters that cancel their hunt (or do not arrive for their hunt!) will lose their deposit. Consideration will be given for special medical emergencies.

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Gun rental: Use of WQNZ firearms


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Transportation in territory: Includes all helicopter fees, as required

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The standard tip for a guide is 5% to 20% of the cost of your hunt. All our guides work hard to help you achieve your hunting goals and this makes their efforts feel appreciated.

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