3 days Anatolian Wildboar driven Grouphunt of 8-14 hunters

Location: Turkey / Konya

from: Goenye Hunting

Hunting season: 01. October 2019 - 20. February 2020


We organize driven hunts in mountain hunting areas. These areas are covered with pine and oak forests. Minimum 8 or 10 hunters are required for successful drive... ..more offer details


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We organize driven hunts in mountain hunting areas. These areas are covered with pine and oak forests. Minimum 8 or 10 hunters are required for successful driven hunts.
Hunting period for driven hunt is from early September to March.
For this method of hunting we organize 20 beaters and around 6 hounds for harmonious drives. Each hunting day up to the weather conditions we make between 3 or 5 different drives. We advise to our hunting guests 5 days driven hunting for successful results. In each drive of the day our professional guides will settle hunter guests near to the passing points of the wildboars. In Turkey it is very possible to hunt big tuskers with this driven hunting method. By driven hunts most of our hunter guests have been hunted Tuskers up to 28 cm.
We can very definitly inform you that the hunting areas of Turkey for wildboars where we operate our wildboar hunts are the top class areas of the world. Because of the local muslems don't eat wildboar meat, there is a big quantity of wildboars in hunting areas. This reason also lets the wildboars become very old and to have big trophies with long and thick tusks. So whenever a big game hunter looks for the Quality of trophy wildboars then Turkey is the right country for this request.
The natural shape of wildboar areas are covered with oak, pine and juniper forests and the landscape is hilly mountains divided with soft valleys.
Our professional hunting team is well experienced by hunting with more than 1500 wildboar hunter guests from worldwide. Every year we add new regions to the regular wildboar areas. At the moment, we operate our hunts in around 1.000.000 hectars largeness of areas. Our hunter guests have been hunted several tuskers between 22 - 31 cm trophy wildboars and the weight of these boars is changing between 200 - 375 kg.

The offer in tags:
2500.-EUR for each hunter includes:
5days, 3 days of them are for hunting.
All Boars you shoot, there is no limit at the Tuskers
all licenses, airporttransfer, and transportation during the hunt,

not included: flight, alcoholic drinks, packing and shipping of the trophys. additional huntingday 250.-EUR for one hunter, skinning half 300.- EUR, full skinning 400.-EUR Trophypreparation 35.- EUR

Territory information:

Type of territory: Open (not fenced)

Area: Hilly, Mountains

Languages: English , Turkish

Hunting methods: Driven hunt

More information:

We organize driven hunts in mountain hunting areas. These areas are covered with pine and oak forests.

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Nearest Airport: Ankara

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