Wild Boar, Red Deer, Mouflon

Monteria (Driven hunting) in Spain. 24th and 25th of November

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Location: Spain / Murcia


Hunting season: 23. November 2019 - 24. November 2019


Package price:


EXPECTATION: 130-150 animals in two days. Minimum for this offer: group of 3 hunters. We are going to hunt with 20 hunters. 10 places left. Companion: 400&e... ..more offer details


EXPECTATION: 130-150 animals in two days.
Minimum for this offer: group of 3 hunters.
We are going to hunt with 20 hunters. 10 places left.
Companion: 400€, sharing the room with the hunter.

PROGRAM FOR THE 24TH JANUARY – 25TH November 2018;

Pick up from Alicante/Madrid airport the 23rd of November. In the airport hunters will be met by a representative from our Spanish outfitters and driven together to Murcia where you will check into the houses at the hunting estate.

The Monteria will begin in the morning at around 9.30. After meeting at the hunting lodge, lots will be drawn for the different posts, and by 11.00 all hunters will be in position and the hunt will start.

Around 200 – 300 dogs will be set loose and the local beaters will start the drive. The hunt will last for around 4 hours and finish at about 15.00, after which the game will be collected.

All the game shot will be marked, and while the game is being gathered together for the parade, the hunters will again meet up at the hunting lodge where they will be served a good lunch.

The game will be then shown on parade and before you know it will be late in the day and you will already be beginning to look forward to the next day’s monteria.

After the day’s hunting has come to an end, you will be driven back to the houses, where the group can all enjoy the facilities offered.

Although a group of 20 hunters will be needed to cover the district properly, there are only 10 places left.

It will be possible for each hunter to shoot the following game: 2 red deers’ females, 2 mouflon sheeps’ females and unlimited wild boar. If they want, they can also shoot a male mouflon paying 1,200€.

The total expected bag of hinds amongst the participating hunters will be 130-150 animals over the 2 days.

The hunt will take place in a fenced area of some 1,000 ha.
Hunters are going to stay in the houses that he have in the hunting estate. We are always trying to make hunters feel as in their homes, for that reason we take care of any single detail. Your comfort is our happiness.

Booking conditions:
amount of deposit and outstanding balance. Deadlines of payments:
The 50% of the total price have to be paid in advance. The other 50% will be paid in cash just before starting hunting or making a transfer 15 days before the hunting.

Hunts are only booked and confirmed when the 50% of the total price is paid. This deposit will be given just 15 days after closing the hunting dates and conditions. If that deposit is not made on time, dates could be given to another hunter and you will have to start your booking process again.

J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA is not going to give any ticket, coupon or document until the payment is done.

- Cancellation policy.
- Any booking cancellation has to be done in writing and it will only be effective when J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA receives its receipt. Cancellation’s cost are going to be applied under the following circumstances:
a. In the event of a cancellation, the customer is the responsible of paying the cost of the hunting licenses, insurances, licenses… which has his/her name.

b. If a cancellation is made 90 days before the hunt starts, the customer is going to receive the whole quantity of the money except 1000€ per customer related to expenses.

c. If the cancellation is made with less than 90 days of anticipation, the customer is going to lose the whole quantity of money.

- If the customer does not come to the hunt, J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA has the right to cancel the reserve although the customer has not made any notice about that reservation, so he/she will lose the 100% of the money and also what paragraph 2.1 (a, b) says. In addition, any postpone to the next year is going to be decided by J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA.

- Any request form to modify a booking has to be done in writing. If J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA agrees with that change, it has the right to recover costs about administration, hotels, reserves… which have to be presented to the customer in writing and paid before 7 days.

- Refunds are not made:
- Due to the travel’s time or in order to change the areas, hunters, dates or camps.
- For changed itineraries after the starting.
- Abnormal events out of J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA’s control, which require a change in order to ensure safety, participation and hunting’s enjoyment.

- If you do not come to any lodging, tourism or trip without notification to J.J.GÓMEZ CAZA, or if you dropped the hunt after starting losing the lodging, programmed tourism and activities.

Territory information:

Territory size: 2 Hectare

The package deal includes:

Wild Boar

No quantitative limit
Red Deer

Included in the price: 2 animal(s)

Included in the price: 2 animal(s)

Travel date:

Arrival day:

Departure day:

0 chosen hunting day(s)
0 additional travel day(s)
Total: 0 days with 0 overnights

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Daily rate and accommodation:


More information:

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This offer applies for: 1 hunter(s) and 0 non hunting person

Arrival one day before the first hunting day: 0,00 /Person

Other costs:

Non hunting person(s)
Gun rental
per hunting day
Mouflon ram

Other costs total 0

Package price: 0 *

* This price was calculated with an online exchange rate. The billing will be in € .


Nearest Airport: Madrid or Alicante

Distance to next airport: -

Pick up service:

Nearest Airport: -

Distance to railway station: -

Pick up service:

Trophy treatment:

First trophy’s preparation

Shooting distances:

80 bis 150 Meter

Caliber recommendation:


Missed shot:



100 % of the estimated trophy price

Shoots with blood; if the hunter wounded an animal, the hunt will be finished and they will look for that animal. If the animal does not appear, the hunter has to pay it completely.


Deposit: No deposit required

Final payment: 15 days before the trip


please check the description / bitte der Beschreibung entnehmen

Included in the offer:


Full board

Hunting licence


Insurance: for the hunt

Transportation in territory

Transportation from/to airport/railway station

First trophy’s preparation, hunting certificates, trophy’s documentation, seals…

NOT included in the offer:

Gun rental: 150€/day

Ammunition: 5€/bullet


Plane tickets

Everything which is not included in the programme

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