Registration & member account

Do any costs arise when registering with
No. The registration is free of charge. All features for barter are available free of charge. Only in case of a completed sale we charge the seller with a small service fee.

How old do I have to be in order to register?
In order to use the platform fully you have to have to be at least 18 years old.

Do any binding commitments occur when I register with
When registering with you commit to accept our GTC and our privacy policy. Otherwise, no commitments occur.

How do I choose my user name?
You can either use a made up name or your real name. Specifying a homepage or an e-mail address is not permitted.

Can I change my member name later?
You can change your user name any time at “My HmH”

Can I create several member accounts?
No. You may create only one user account with – in the event of violation all created accounts will be blocked.

I have forgotten my password. What do I do now?
If you have forgotten your password, just click on “password forgotten” when logging in and enter you e-mail address. We will send you a new password immediately. You can change this password any time at “My HmH”.

I did not receive a confirmation link following my registration – what do I do now?
With certain e-mail providers it can happen that the receipt of a registration confirmation takes a few minutes. If you do not receive any confirmation within 24 hours, contact us per e-mail at:

I cannot log in, why is that?
If you cannot log in, the following reasons might be to blame: 1. You have not registered yet, 2. When entering you password, your caps lock was active, 3. You are not using the correct e-mail address or password.
If none of the above solves the problem, please contact us per e-mail at:

My profile is not visible any longer, what shall I do?
Try to create a new profile – if this does not work either, please send an e-mail at:

Who may offer a hunt?
Anyone who has a legal hunting proposition and is at least of 18 years of age can offer this hunting possibility for sale or for barter.

Set and edit items

Are there any items which I may not offer?
You may offer everything as long as you are in compliance with both your local hunting and animal welfare regulations.

Do I have to upload photos for my item?
No. Uploading photos is not mandatory. However, we recommend that photos will increase your barter and sales opportunities.

Are there any deadlines for accepting/declining barter and/or purchasing offers?
Apart from the stated validity of your offer, no deadlines are given. However, we recommend you wait no longer than a week to answer a request.

What happens if I am on holiday? Can I inform potential barter or purchasing partners about this?
There is no note of absence with

Why can I not reactivate my expired offer?
Once the date of expiry has been reached, the offer is deactivated automatically. In order to reactivate it, you have to fill in a new expiry date at “edit”.

Barter / Exchange

How does a barter work?
If you have put a barter offer online, you will receive offers from other users, or you make a barter request yourself. As soon as you and the other provider have agreed, nothing stands between you and the barter.

Can barter transactions be stopped or cancelled?
As long as barter has not been completed, it can be stopped under mutual agreement. As soon as one party has completed his side of the barter, a cancellation is not possible any more.

What can I do if I have fulfilled my side of the barter offer, but my barter partner has not?
In this case we propose as part of our client service a one-off demand for the outstanding barter offer under threat of legal action from a lawyer. If the implementation is not possible for the barter partner for whatever reason, he can make an alternative offer or propose compensation.

Can I transfer a hunt?
This has to be clarified with the barter partner. Of course you are able to agree individually on the details of your hunt with you barter partner.

I have offered and exchanged something that I have not got any more (loss of hunting grounds, shooting plan has been exceeded). What can I do?
We recommend you clarify with your barter partner in advance how to proceed when the barter has been completed on one side only. A possibility could be an alternative offer or compensation.

I cannot keep a hunting appointment at short notice. My barter partner has already booked his trip to me. What should I do?
We recommend you inform yourself about eventual options of cancellation or withdrawal in the case of both sale and barter hunts.

Are there any hidden costs?
Basically the barter is free of charge. You do not have to either pay your barter partner nor However, costs for journeys, transport, accommodation, food and hunting documents normally occur. These costs have to be borne by you unless otherwise agreed.


How does a sale work?
After your successful registration, you can create and activate an offer. The customer can then send a request or book the trip directly. Each booking is subject to your confirmation. Only when you (as seller) confirm the date, the hunting trip is fixed.

How much does it cost to create a hunting offer?
To create hunting offers on the platform are FREE OF CHARGE – only if you have sold a hunting trip, Hunter meets Hunter will charge a commission in the form of a profit participation.

What is the commission for a sale?
The commission for a sold hunting event depends on the number of hunts sold per calendar year. The more hunting events you sell each year through Hunter meets Hunter, the cheaper it will be for you. Further information can be found in our General Advertising Conditions (GTA).

What happens if I can not perform an already sold hunt?
If the vendor is responsible for the complete loss of an event, he must offer the customer a replacement date or refund the payments already made.


How does a purchase work?
Using the search filters, you can narrow the search results to your needs. Once you have found what you are looking for, you can either send a request to clarify any open questions or book immediately. Each booking is subject to confirmation from the vendor, because often the date has to be check. Therefore, please book flights only if you have received the booking confirmation by e-mail, or a new entry has been created under “My History”.

Can I withdraw from my purchase?
The vendor defines in his cancellation conditions whether a withdrawal is possible. These must be there in each offer.

The prices are shown in the wrong currency?
You can set the currency at the top of the page. The provider must define in which currency he offers the hunting event when creating the offer. On Hunter meets Hunter you have the possibility to view prices in different currencies. An online currency calculator is used for conversion. Therefore the converted prices can be only understood as approximate prices. Invoices will always in the currency, which the seller has defined.

I booked a hunting trip. To whom do I have to pay the deposit?
Payments are made between you and the seller without exception. The payment terms are specified by the seller.


How does the evaluation system work?
The evaluations system works according to a point system in the form of antlers. Five antlers indicate the highest ranking, one antler the lowest. The evaluation displayed results from the average of all the given evaluations.

What do the antlers mean?
The antlers serve the evaluation. Five antlers indicate the highest ranking, one antler the lowest.

Do I have to evaluate my hunting experience?
There is no obligation to evaluate your hunting experience. However, we kindly ask you to use this opportunity in order to facilitate other hunters’ decision making.

I have not received any evaluation yet. What can I do?
There is no obligation for anyone to evaluate anybody else. In this case we recommend you pro-actively ask your barter partner/customer.

I have unwarrantedly received a bad evaluation.
Evaluations are given by users on the grounds of their individual impressions. Unfulfilled expectations or misunderstandings can be the reason for this. Clarify the reason for bad evaluations with your barter partner/customer. In exceptional cases evaluations can be redone.

Can I take back evaluations/change them?
It is not foreseen that evaluations can be changed retrospectively. If you want to change your evaluation nevertheless, please refer to:


Will I be informed about requests regarding my offer(s)?
You will get an e-mail as soon a request has been received.

Is there a way to get informed if offers are posted which might interest me?
The feature “saved search „offers the possibility to limit exactly your wishes and save them. If an offer according to your criteria appears, you will be informed per e-mail.

Search and find

How can I find what I am looking for exactly among all the offers?
Via the drop-down menu and the filter on the left side you have the possibility to limit your search at your discretion. If you know exactly what you are looking for you can use the detail search on the homepage.

How does the detail search work?
When using the detail search you have the possibility to stipulate all the search criteria in one step. Subsequently only corresponding offers will be displayed.

General information

May I send my telephone number or e-mail address to other users?
No. it is not allowed to send contact data to other users. offers a variety to possibilities to get in contact with other users. Following the conclusion of a barter/sale, HunterMeetsHunter will forward the respective contact data to the partner partners or buyer and seller.

Why am I not allowed to send my contact details directly?
In order to offer an optimal service, business deals are concluded via Services like the evaluation and legal assistance cannot be made use of if the business deal has been concluded outwith our platform

A barter user/seller/buyer has asked me to get in contact directly. What should I do?
We recommend you do not comply with this request. Everything you do without cannot be used in case of a complaint. Furthermore, you lose the possibility to evaluate and be evaluated when concluding a business deal outwith the platform. We kindly ask you to report incidents like this per e-mail to