Do you often go hunting? Or is it seldom? No matter what type of hunter you are, you will definitely want to hunt a different species of game for a change or experience an unknown territory. At Hunter meets Hunter we have adventures for everyone – with the following benefits:

Best prices
These are guaranteed by our special marketing concept: Hunter meets Hunter requires no registration fee, no membership fee or offer fee and guaranteesno hidden costs. The exchange is completely free of charge. When selling, advertising is free . Only when a sale is done we charge a small service fee to the seller.
Any payment is done directly between hunter and hunting agent / outfitter without exception. Only because of that, the hunts can be offered completely without surcharges or even cheaper.

Quality of the offered hunting trips
For us, the quality of the offered hunts is very important. That’s why there are several well thought-out assessment and verification tools. To create a trustworthy and solid basis for decision-making, hunters can rate their experienced hunts. This makes it possible to filter out black sheep quickly and to exclude them from the community if necessary.
To become a Trusted user, the user must confirm his identity. This will ensure that he / she has provided correct personal information. The Trusted User Icon identifies these providers.

Service, overview and selection
The platform was developed in such a way that any professional hunting trip provider can create an ad in just a few minutes just like the „normal“ hunter. There are a number of filters and criteria for the searcher. The platform was developed in such a way that the professional hunting provider, just like the ordinary hunter, can create an advertisment in a few minutes. For the seeker, there are a number of filters and criteria, on the basis of which you can restrict the offers to exactly what you are looking for. Due to the uniform appearance, the offers are optimally comparable.
We are constantly striving to get more partners on the side to make the offer as large as possible.

Clarity from the beginning to the end
At fairs, oral agreements are often made, which can lead to misunderstandings in the end. On Hunter meets Hunter the communication takes place exclusively in writing, which guarantees a continuous documentation over the correspondence. At the moment of booking, all offer data will be “frozen” and saved in your history. By that you have an unequivocal proof of what has been agreed.

The Hunter meets Hunter Team is looking forward to seeing you!