The exchange rules on Hunter meets Hunter represent the guidelines how each exchange partner has to behave in a hunt exchange.

With we offer hunters from all over the world the opportunity to offer and trade hunting opportunities. Basically, it should be noted at this point that also the exchange of two hunting opportunities, one contract represents between two people.

Of course, you can agree on the details of your hunt individually with your exchange partner. For a smooth process – especially “the first time” – we have put some guidelines for you here:

  • The mutual Trust and communication has a special status in an exchange. It starts with the creation of the advertisement: Enter the information truthfully . The offer must not mislead or arouse expectations that cannot be met. Avoid misunderstandings and disputes by choosing sufficient information provide.
  • The exchange takes place through so-called “tickets”, which entitle you to participate in the respective hunting event. Unless otherwise agreed in advance, the person who originally received the exchange request and agreed to the exchange may use the exchange ticket first.
  • As the most essential Success criterion the shooting of the offered game (s) applies. Details such as type, number, gender, points, age or other criteria must be agreed before the exchange is concluded.
  • the getting there is at your own expense. If necessary, the host will help his hunting guest to choose the right local public transport. If the hunting guest does not spend the night directly with the host, but in a hotel or guesthouse, the host will help in choosing the right accommodation and booking. The hunting guest has to pay the costs for the accommodation. Private accommodation (hunting lodge, hunting lodge, …) may only be offset if this has already been announced before the exchange is concluded.
  • The cost of all necessary Documents and permits for hunting must already be specified in the offer. In general, the hunting guest bears the costs for this – except for licenses for shooting. The host organizes all the documents necessary for the hunt for his guest and in any case ensures that the hunt is carried out according to the local rules and laws. The host also ensures that the hunt is as successful as possible. He takes care of that transport between accommodation and hunting ground and supports his guest with trophy export, entry visa, possible insurance, etc.
  • When hunting, the guest obeys the instructions of the host at all times.
  • The aim of the agreement should be to make the T redeem ausch tickets within 2 years . An extension is possible with mutual consent. Both exchange partners try pro-actively to find suitable dates for the joint hunt. If no appointment can be made within two years due to unilateral fault, the other person is entitled to rate the exchange partner even if the hunt has not taken place.
  • If one of the exchange partners does not keep his or her exchange promise or – for whatever reason – cannot comply, he is nevertheless obliged to ensure that the other one comes to you equivalent hunting experience comes or is adequately financially compensated. It is beforehand to agree on how the compensation should be made if the exchange does not result in a successful one.