Driven hunt for wild boar

Driven hunt for wild boar

Location: Kirchroth, Germany

Exchange for: Fallow Deer, Red Deer, Chamois, I am open for proposals

My preferred countries: Deutschland, Österreich, Polen

Hunting season: 07. January - 08. January

Ending: 11. July 2024

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Offer description

Drückjagd auf Schwarzwild

Additional information

Lodging: Coordination required
Meals: Coordination required
If first try is not successful: Coordination required
Missed shot: Decision depends on situation
Wounding: Decision depends on situation
Trophies: Take immediately and clean yourself
Gun rental: No
Territory size: 400 Hektar / 988.42 Acres
Type of territory: Open (not fenced)
Documents needed: Hunting permission, Hunting license, Gun license
License fee: ,-
Hunting methods: Driven hunt (slow)
Vension: Can be purchased
Yearly bag of the offered game: -
Estimated probability of success: -
Shooting distances: 10 - 80
Recommended caliber: -

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