Fallow Buck in Romania

Fallow Buck in Romania

Location: Morărești, Romania

Hunting time: 10. October - 15. December

Fallow Buck in Romania 100 Wild Trophy For this hunt you can optionally add and 1 Wild Boar of Trophy Up to 12 cm 500 EURO 12.1-14 cm 650 EURO 16.1-18 cm 850 EURO 18.1-20 cm 950 EURO Wounded 500 EURO Over 20 cm ..more offer details

Package price

€ 3.550

€ 3.550

1 Hunter

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Offer description

Fallow Buck in Romania 100 Wild Trophy
For this hunt you can optionally add and 1 Wild Boar of Trophy
Up to 12 cm 500 EURO
12.1-14 cm 650 EURO
16.1-18 cm 850 EURO
18.1-20 cm 950 EURO
Wounded 500 EURO
Over 20 cm 1150 EURO +35 EURO/ 1 mm
Femele 450 EURO
Piglet max. 50 kg 190 EURO
Wounded 200 EURO

Territory information

Territory size: 36.000 Hectare

Type of territory: Free range

Area: Hilly, Forest, Water

Languages: English

Hunting methods: Stalking

The package deal includes

Fallow Deer


From 2.5 kg to 4.5 kg

Included in the price: 1 animal(s)

Travel date

0 chosen hunting day(s)

0 additional travel day(s)

Sum: 0 days with 0 overnights

Your selected travel date


(Arrival day)


(Departure day)

Daily rate and accommodation

Facilities: Internet, TV, Sauna, Fitness center, Spa, Restaurant, Bar, Air condition, Safety deposit box, Private bathroom, Common bathroom, Full board

More information: Ideally located for the citizens of Pitești City, who prefer the quiet atmosphere, far away from the bustle of the city, but also for tourists and businessmen, who are looking for elegance, comfort and refinement, CELLY Hotel-Restaurant, already represents a location and a tradition name with over a decade of excellence, experience and performance in the field.

Hotel- Restaurant CELLY provides comfort and good mood, offering to the clients:

ACCOMMODATION in an elegant, clean and refined atmosphere in:




1 FACILITY ROOM (for persons with disabilities)

RESTAURANT with a capacity of 150 seats, awaits you with traditional dishes, international cuisine, delicious desserts and a selection of collection wines. At the same time, we are at your disposal with 2 Separations, for significant events in your life, private parties, workshops or other business meetings.

HALF-OPEN TERRACE, a protected outdoor space (for smoking people) where you can serve both culinary products and bar preparations, in the ambience of quality music.

BAR with a refined classic design, 14 seats, quality music, with drinks specially prepared by our bartenders where you can relieve the daily stress by replacing it with unique moments of relaxation.

CONFERENCE HALL that can host at least 74 participants, for organizing seminars, trainings, team building, etc.

RELAXATION CENTER offers you a sauna and relaxation and therapeutic massage specialized services.

1 : 1
This offer applies for: 1 hunter(s) and 1 non hunting person

Other costs:


€ 50,-

Gun rental

€ 50,-
per hunting day
Other costs total: ,-
Total price: ,-


Nearest Airport: Otopeni

Distance to airport: 220 km

Pick up service: Yes Fees: -

Nearest railway station: -

Distance to railway station: -

Pick up service: - Fees: -

Trophy treatment:


Shooting distances:


Caliber recommendation:


Missed shot:

0 % of the estimated trophy price

150 euro


Deposit: 700 €

Final payment: when landing in the country


50 % of the estimated trophy price


Deposits are non-refundable

Included in the offer:

  • Accommodation
  • Full board
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Tee / Coffee
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Hunting licence
  • Gun license
  • Search with bloodhound
  • Trophy measurement
  • Trophy treatment
  • All local taxes and service charges
  • Tourism tax
  • Insurance
  • Transportation in territory
  • Transportation from/to airport/railway station
  • Visa invitation documents
  • Assistance at customs
  • Accommodation before and after hunt
  • Activities, other than hunting

NOT included in the offer:

  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Gun rental
  • Ammunition
  • Taxidermist
  • Trophy export
  • Insurance

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