Hunting for european Moose during the rut in the Kirov area

This offer is not active at the moment.

Hunting for european Moose during the rut in the Kirov area

This offer is not active at the moment.

Location: Kirow, Russia

Hunting time: 01. September - 30. September

Hunting for european Moose during the rut in the Kirov area hunting saison: September Itinerary: Day 1 - arrival in Moscow. Pick-up service from the airport, help with customs and weapons control, supervision / accompaniment by an interpreter during the entire stay in Russia, per group. Transfer to the ..more offer details

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Offer description

Hunting for european Moose during the rut in the Kirov area
hunting saison: September
Day 1 - arrival in Moscow. Pick-up service from the airport, help with customs and weapons control, supervision / accompaniment by an interpreter during the entire stay in Russia, per group. Transfer to the train station. Train journey with the trans-Siberian railway to Kirov (journey time approx. 13 hours) or to Kotelnitsch (this is a train station approx. 120 km before Kirov). Long-distance trains in Russia have 1st, 2nd and 3rd class sleeping cars and 4th class waggons with seats. It is advisable to travel in 1st or 2nd class sleeping waggon. In the 1st class compartment there are only 2 beds below. The 2nd class compartment has 2 beds below and 2 beds above. If there are not enough 1st class compartments on the train, the four-compartment 2nd class compartments (but for 2 people!) Can be reserved for the 1st class price as an alternative. The upper banks can then be folded up. Such a variant (quad compartment for 2 people) can be useful if there are many pieces of luggage that could be distributed on the upper benches. When booking a trip, there is a breakdown by gender, i.e. it is noted that only women or men travel in one compartment. It is advisable to take some provisions with you for the train journey or to get this just before the train departure. Most trains also have a dining waggon, but only Russian currency (rubles) is accepted in cash, so you should change money in advance.
Day 2 - in Kirov or Kotelnitsch (depending on the hunting area). Pick-up service from the train station. Transfer by car to the hunting area. There are several areas 60 to 250 km from Kirov or Kotelnitsch. On the way, the hunting guests can make the necessary purchases (beer and other personal belongings). It is recommended to change about 150 euros per person to rubles, because only with the ruble you can pay in Russia. Credit cards are also accepted in large stores. On arrival in the hunting area, hunting guests are accommodated in hunting lodges, they eat and the necessary formalities are completed (local registration procedure, instructions on compliance with hunting and accident prevention regulations when handling firearms, compulsory test shots). During the stay in the area, people usually live in hunting lodges, which can also be found in small towns (not necessarily in the forest). There is a Russian steam bath (banya) almost everywhere. The kitchen in the area provides strong and local dishes (special delicacies, beer and other alcoholic beverages must be bought by the hunting guest himself before the hunt).
The responsible staff will do their best to make the stay of the hunting guests as pleasant as possible. But you have to be aware that it can take place under the simplest of conditions. The first evening hunt is usually possible on this day.
3rd - 8th days - hunting. Moose hunting during the rut is largely a game hunt. It is stalked through the area in the morning and evening (also possible at night). The hunting guest must be willing to stalk a lot on foot and leave behind up to 10-15 km daily in an area that is often difficult to pass, in the jungle, partly through broken wood and swamp areas. The appropriate physical condition is therefore necessary. Another hunting method is to lure the moose bulls to a vacant spot in the firing range with rutting sounds and noise like breaking wood. It is also possible that the hunting guest sits on a high seat while the professional hunter circles in the area, imitating the moose and trying to bring him in front of the guest's box. If the biotope fits, game drives along the forest-field borders can also be practiced. The activity of the moose bulls also depends not least on the weather and can take place up to 2 weeks earlier or later, which makes it difficult to determine the exact time of the rutting in advance. The main breeding season usually falls between September 10th and 25th. The best hours are from late afternoon until the last gun light. The moon phase is mostly ignored because the sky is often cloudy. But it is clear that you can hunt longer in the moonlight. The moose are not particularly keen to look at, but they do distinguish movement patterns and have very good noses and keen hearing. The moose bulls are very careful and careful before going out of the thicket onto the open area. Usually the hunter has the opportunity to shoot at dusk or even in the dark. It is therefore recommended to use a bright riflescope and possibly a lamp mounted on the rifle for the short illumination of the animal. If such a facility is brought by the hunting guest, it should of course be shot in advance.
The strong moose bull can have antlers up to 10 - 12 kg and more. The average trophy size is 7-8 kg. The medium-strength moose bull must also be accepted or shot by the hunting guest. Guidance is 1: 1.
Hunting mostly takes place in the forest, so the shooting distances are not far, usually from 30 - 70 to 150 - 200 meters. Off-road cars (UAZ) are also used during the hunt. A wounded moose is considered as taken and must be paid. The chances of success in taking a moose are around 70%. In addition to the moose, bears and depending on the hunting grounds, wild boar can also be hunted.
Day 9 - day of departure. In the evening the train goes from Kirov to Moscow. The morning hunt is still possible in the morning. Sometimes, however, customers refrain from hunting on the day of departure due to the lack of time. Some formalities are completed in the afternoon: filling out the hunting protocol, possibly final settlement. After lunch there is a timely departure to the train station.
Day 10 - arrival in Moscow. If there is enough time, a short city tour in Moscow can be made for visiting the Red Square, Kreml (tickets for Kreml cost extra), Moscow University on the Sparrow Mountains. Delivery service to the airport on departure, help with customs and weapons control.
Service price:
Euro 1,850.- per hunter - 10 - day arrangement, including 7 hunting days, incl. all services from / to Moscow airport and train 2nd class carriage
Euro 1,050.- cost of non-hunting companion
Euro 500.– Non-trophy moose. Under non-trophy moose will be understood young moose with the fork antlers, bicycle antlers or the antlers with 2 X 3 ends. Such a trophy is not taken by the hunter! If the hunter wants to keep this trophy, the trophy will be charged as up to 5,99 kg.
Euro 1,000.– with trophy up to 5,99 kg
Euro 1,500.– with trophy from 6 to 7,99 kg
Euro 1,750.– with trophy from 8 to 9,99 kg
Euro 2,000.– with trophy from 10 kg to 12,99 kg
Euro 2,500.– with trophy from 13 kg
Additional costs, in EURO:
• 300.0 - charge for the train journey in a sleeper 1st class carriage (2-bed compartment) with the Trans-Siberian railway (round trip), P.P.
• 150.0 - lend weapon (one rifle) for all hunting days (ammunition extra de facto);
• Treating the trophy: 100.0 - moose skull / 150.0 - cape of the moose
• from 950.0 - shipping costs for the trophy of moose, per trophy;
• de facto - alcoholic drinks, tips, import duties, unforeseen costs

Territory information

Type of territory: Free range

Area: Hilly, Bush/Scrubland, Forest, River meadow

Languages: English, German, Russian

Hunting methods: High seat

Additional information: Die Elchjagd während der Brunft ist weitgehend eine Pirschjagd. Es wird morgens, abends (nachts auch möglich) durchs Revier gepirscht. Der Jagdgast muss bereit sein viel zu Fuß zu pirschen und täglich bis zu 10-15 km in einer oft schwer passierbaren Gegend, im Urwald, teilweise durch Bruchholz und Sumpfgebiete, hinter sich zu lassen. Die entsprechende körperliche Kondition ist deshalb erforderlich.

Trophy fee

All, exept trophy game

per 1 animal(s)



Up to 5.99 kg



From 6 kg to 7.99 kg



From 8 kg to 9.99 kg



From 10 kg to 12.99 kg



From 13 kg

Shooting fees total: ,-

Travel date

0 chosen hunting day(s)

0 additional travel day(s)

Sum: 0 days with 0 overnights

Your selected travel date


(Arrival day)


(Departure day)

Daily rate and accommodation

Facilities: Sauna

More information: Quartiert bzw. untergebracht werden die Jäger während des Aufenthaltes im Revier meistens in Jagdhäusern, die sich auch in kleinen Ortschaften (nicht unbedingt im Walde) befinden können. Fast überall gibt es russisches Dampfbad (Banja). Die Küche im Revier liefert kräftige und ortsübliche Gerichte (besondere Delikatessen, Bier und sonstigen alkoholischen Getränken, müssen vom Jagdgast vor der Jagd selbst gekauft werden).

Das zuständige Personal wird sein Bestes tun, um den Aufenthalt der Jagdgäste so angenehm wie möglich zu gestalten. Man muss sich aber darüber im Klaren sein, dass die Unterbringung unter einfachsten Verhältnissen stattfindet.

1 : 1
Daily rate hunters:

€ 231,-


Daily rate non hunting person(s):

€ 131,-


Daily rates total for HUNTING DAY(S): ,-

Other costs:

Gun rental

€ 150,-

Schlafwagen 1. Klasse

€ 300,-
Other costs total: ,-
Total price: ,-


Nearest Airport: Moskau

Distance to airport: -

Pick up service: Yes Fees: -

Nearest railway station: -

Distance to railway station: -

Pick up service: - Fees: -

Trophy treatment:

Die Trophäen werden wie folgt behandelt:
- Der Schädel wird abgekocht, entfleischt und mit Wasserstoffperoxyd desinfiziert;

Shooting distances:

30 bis 200 meters

Caliber recommendation:


Missed shot:

0 % of the estimated trophy price


Deposit: 10 % of the total price

Final payment: On site


100 % of the estimated trophy price

Angeschweißt und nicht gefunden zählt als erlegt


50% vom Jagdarangementpreis berechnet (ohne Trophäenpreis).

Included in the offer:

  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Tee / Coffee
  • Beverages
  • Hunting licence
  • Guidance
  • Trophy measurement
  • Trophy treatment
  • Transportation in territory
  • Transportation from/to airport/railway station
  • Interpreter service
  • Assistance at customs

NOT included in the offer:

  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Gun rental
  • Ammunition
  • Taxidermist
  • Trophy export
  • Insurance
  • Tips

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